Charles Adler Interview

Topic: Why Math Scores are Declining in Alberta … Hint, it’s not Teachers or the Curriculum

Brief Description of discussion:

Associate Professor, Cory Wright-Maley, was on Charles Adler Tonight speaking about Jason Kenney’s proposal to address Alberta students’ declining math scores on international benchmarks like PISA don’t make sense. Charles Adler was speaking to him about his recent article “Why Jason Kenney’s ‘Common Sense’ Education Platform Gets it Wrong” published in The Conversation last week. In his interview he discusses the ways in blaming teachers and the curriculum is off-base, and that we should be looking at economic inequality and ballooning class-sizes instead. He also points out that while PISA scores in math were dropping, problem solving scores were increasing at the same time. Alberta now ranks 3rd in the world, only behind Singapore and B.C.. He asks us to consider whether these tests are assessing what we say we care about?