Voices Abroad

An update from StMU students participating in the Ukrainian Catholic University Exchange Program

Correspondence by: Hamilton Baudner

Hey St Mary’s!!!

We were greeted by a group of very enthusiastic 10th graders from Lviv Linguistic Gymnasium. In Ukraine they call their schools gymnasiums. Meeting first at the opera house, we were taken on a tour of the downtown centre of Lviv. Each student took turns explaining the different monuments and historical sites, practicing their english with bright eyes and excited faces. We ventured through the streets, guided by our future practicum students. It was a truly welcoming group, who made sure we were well looked after, and fully informed of every detail in their proud Ukrainian history.

During our conversations, two of the students expressed interest in studying abroad. As a result; Crystal, Kristina and I have begun organizing a Model United Nations simulation that we will be holding at our partner university, the Ukrainian Catholic University campus.

This simulation will be a city wide, multi school event, and will cover the topics of Human Trafficking and Women’s Rights. The LLG student parliament has jumped at the chance to learn about the United Nations. As it is an event held entirely in English, the students are excited that they may practice their english, while collaborating with other students to tackle these social issues through debate and resolution writing. It gets even better! We have recruited UCU students to assist us in supervising the event in the hopes that after we leave, there will be a legacy of high school Model UN simulations held at UCU, passed on by the students through the years to come.

I am teaching in the 8th grade, with 4 great groups of students. The LLG staff have welcomed us with open arms, and my cooperating teacher has been fantastic.

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