Travel Study Programs

Our world is rapidly expanding and many careers operate on international levels. Travel Study Programs prepare student for life in a globalized world, help develop their cultural sensitivity, and improve their confidence in new and challenging situations. Travel Study Programs at StMU will link you to the world through education, travel, and knowledge. You will gain skills that will give you an edge in an increasingly global workforce.

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St. Mary’s University gives you options for dynamic courses in local, provincial, national, and global settings.

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Travel Study Courses

Explore the West coast rain forest, ocean, coastal and inter-tidal zones at the Bamfield Marine Science Centre located on Vancouver Island, BC.
Hands-on learning experiences in the tropical rainforest jungle and coral reef habitat of Belize.
Rome, “The Eternal City,” Florence, and Assissi are our classrooms as we explore firsthand the ancient history, art, architecture, and spiritual heritage of the region.
Interdisciplinary encounters with the cultural, educational, artistic and historical developments of France and Morocco.

Study Abroad

Study in the heart of Bavaria on the Ingolstadt campus situated along the Danube River in a bustling economic city home to Audi and the setting of a chapter in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
Discover different facets of Ukraine, including its history, culture, theology, identity, political and social life, its contemporary issues, and development. Specialized BEd practicum available.
BEd – gain teaching experience in specialized international BEd practicums.


Intern with Smithsonian scholars, scientists, experts and educators.
Gain valuable work experience and undertake courses at the Washington Center in Washington, D.C.
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