St. Mary’s University has launched an exciting new initiative this year as a way to help coordinate charitable volunteer efforts and increase the scope and impact that these endeavours will have on the community.

The President’s Volunteer Team was borne of the idea that as a community united, St. Mary’s students, faculty and staff can work alongside those in need while learning what it truly means to be a servant of the community. The Team’s mission is to connect and increase volunteer opportunities that address community needs and develop a lifetime commitment to service.

“It is my belief that human beings are created to be in community with each other, share with one another and to connect with one another,” explained Nancy Quan, Director of Campus Ministry at St. Mary’s University. “In an ideal world, no person is excluded.”

St. Mary’s features a dynamic and active student body whose commitment to social justice and dedication to the community is second to none. With over 50 per cent of our students already undertaking a form of volunteerism on their own accord, the President’s Volunteer Team is a way for us as an institution to signal that giving back is a key part of St. Mary’s mission for everyone on campus – from students to the President.

“Volunteering in our community is a wonderful opportunity for our students to work alongside and learn from the vulnerable people in the world,” said Quan. “The President’s Volunteer Team provides students with many and varied opportunities to work together in communion for the common good of all Calgarians.”

Through the President’s Volunteer Team we will be able to use the full support of University to organize major volunteering initiatives. From Habitat to Humanity, to Feed the Hungry, Coldest Night of the Year, We Day, the Mustard Seed, and many more causes. Our hope is that this new enterprise will become a movement that will energize not just the St. Mary’s University body, but the wider community as well.


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