What Are Your Goals?

St. Mary’s Certified Personal Trainers will help to motivate you, educate you and tailor your program to your needs to help you to reach your goals.

What are the Health Benefits of Physical Activity?

Reduces the risk of: coronary heart disease, non-insulin dependent diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, colon cancer, hypertension and stroke.

Helps: to increase resistance to mental fatigue, manages stress, reduce anxiety, relieve depression and improve sleep.

Makes a positive contribution to: maintenance of a healthy body weight, psychological well being, self-efficacy and self-esteem and perceived quality of life.

Fitness Assessments, Corrective Exercise, Health Benefits, Balance & Coordination, Weight Loss & Maintenance, Special Considerations, Flexibility, Power Training, Performance Goals

StMU is very excited to offer virtual personal training on your own or with a virtual buddy. Buddy training can help you keep each other accountable and save money!

Sessions to be held over Face Time, What’s App or Team Meets if you are a staff or faculty member.

Register online using the form below and work with one of our Personal Trainers to help you reach your goals.

No equipment is necessary as our trainers will either create programs for you using no equipment at all or use whatever available equipment you currently own.

30 min sessions offered in packages of (GST not included)

# of sessions Price per session/ per package total buddy package (2 virtual users) price is per person
3 19.50/$58.50 12 each/$36
5 18.50/$92.50 11 each/$55
10 17.50/$175.00 10 each/$100

50 min sessions offered in packages of (GST not included)

# of sessions Price per session/ per package total buddy package (2 virtual users) price is per person
3 24/$72 15 each/$45
5 23/$115 14 each/$70
10 22/$220 13 each/$130

ONE TIME DROP IN SESSION: Current clients who have used all their available sessions may purchase a one time drop-in session ($25) or buddy session ($18.75).

Flat fee for time (GST not included)

# of sessions Price per session buddy package (2 virtual users) price is per person
1 $25 $18.75
The personal safety of the client is of utmost importance so the personal trainer can cue, watch form and see signs of fatigue or possibility of injury or risk.

Get Active Questionnaire, Client Questionnaire and Virtual Waiver must be received before first virtual session occurs.

All payment of session/s must be paid before virtual sessions occur.
All prices in the below registration form include GST.

In-person Personal Training Rates

Community Members Personal Training

Price per person 1 person 2 person 3 person 4 person
1st session: Initial Assessment 55 min=$60
3 sessions 165.00/55.00 $105.00/35.00 $90.00/30.00 $75.00 / 25.00
5 sessions $265.00/53.00 $165.00/33.00 $140.00/28.00 $115.00/23.00
10 sessions $500.00/50.00 $300.00/30.00 $250.00/25.00 $210.00/21.00

Personal Training For Faculty and Staff of STMU

Price per person 1 person 2 person 3 person 4 person
1st session: Mandatory assessment 55 min=$55
3 sessions $150.00/50.00 $96.00/32.00 $81.00/ 27.00 $69.00/23.00
5 sessions $235.00/47.00 $150.00/30.00 $125.00/25.00 $105.00/21.00
10 sessions $450.00/45.00 $270.00/27.00 $220.00/22.00 $180.00/18.00
For students of STMU

Price per person 1 person 2 person 3 person 4 person
1st session: Mandatory assessment 55 min=$50
3 sessions $135/45.00 $87.00/29.00 $75.00/ 25.00 $63.00/21.00
5 sessions $210/42.00 $135.00/27.00 $115.00/23.00 $95.00/19.00
10 sessions $400/40.00 $250.00/25.00 $210.00/21.00 $160.00/16.00

Personal Training Registration Form

“Working with a personal trainer has helped me develop more confidence in myself. Building trust with my trainer made me realize that she isn’t going to judge me, but that she is there to help me reach my goals and support me. Having a personal trainer allowed me to realize that through dedication, hard work, and discipline, my body is capable of more than I thought it was. Having a personal trainer also gave me the extra kick to stay with it when I wasn’t feeling as motivated!”


Robyn Rafuse
“As an older individual (41) who has never worked out in a gym before, I am having nothing but positive experiences. The facility has everything that I need and is a comfortable and non-intimidating environment. The trainer, Rhonda, is fantastic and I would recommend sessions with her to anyone! Thanks to her, I have reached all of my weight loss goals and can fit into my pre-kids clothes. I feel great! And will continue to go to Rhonda and St. Mary’s University’s Fitness Centre.”
“As a person who had never been to the gym or worked out before, I was terrified to start going to a personal trainer. Rhonda has helped me lead a more balanced life and has helped me reach many goals I would not have achieved on my own. She suggests exercise routines that are easily attainable yet challenging. I would without a doubt, recommend Rhonda and St. Mary’s University Fitness Centre!”
Diana Martin, B.Mgmt., CMA, Certified Management Accountant
“Not being a fan of working out, or sweating, I never believed I would ever have a personal trainer, let alone a trainer that would truly be a partner in my health and wellbeing. Rhonda is not only knowledgeable and dedicated fitness instructor, she makes working out one of the highlights of my day. In the year and a half we have worked together she has truly inspired me to continue to make changes, adapted workouts to meet my specific needs, and truly been a champion and accountability partner on my journey. Rhonda, U ROK!”
Deborah C
“Rhonda developed a practical fitness plan that I can do at home to enable me to reach my fitness goals and improve my overall health. With gentle but firm encouragement, she challenges me to push harder, build my strength and make progress in reaching my goals.”
Debbie Osiowy

STAFF – Personal Trainers

Rhonda Thiessen

Rhonda Thiessen

CSEP-CPTs have the highest standards of the personal training industry in Canada. As part of the recertification process it is required to update training based on the newest information available through research and development. CSEP has its own research branch within the same organization. You can also be assured of your safety as all CSEP-CPT follow a scope of practice ensuring the strictest of guidelines in keeping you safe in your health related journey. In offering CLIENT CENTERED programs based off of your personal goals you can be assured of the highest quality of prescription and correct training techniques to see results.