Luke McCorquodale – Bachelor of Education 2018

Luke McCorquodale

An alumnus who received his Bachelor of Education Degree in 2018 is now doing his part in his school and the surrounding community. Luke teaches Language Arts, Religion and a Coding & Robotics option to Grade 7s and 8s. For extra-curricular activities at his school; he was a co-director of the school play, coaches basketball, and runs a coding and robotics club for grades 5 through 8. He also coaches tackle football at All Saints High School, and with the Bulldogs community football association.

He is success both in the classroom and outside was noticed by one of his students. The quote we received from the student was, “ Mr. McCorquodale allows us to be involved in learning, he makes it fun. He gives us the tools to succeed and helps us along the way when we need it. His enthusiasm for teaching is demonstrated daily and we are fortunate to have him.”

We asked Luke was there moment you had at St Mary’s University that you remember and still keep with you today. “One of my professors here at St. Mary’s once said in a lecture that “if you don’t have the relationship, it’s hard to expect the students to learn”. That quote really stuck with me. Building positive relationships in the school with my students, their parents, and my staff is something that I believe to be key to a fantastic learning and working environment.”

Luke’s quote and what students are experiencing in his classroom are evident of his ability to build relationships with great success.

At St Mary’s University we are very proud to hear stories such as these about our Alumni. We would like to thank Luke for the passion he brings to the classroom and the surrounding community that he is involved in.

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