Bachelor of Arts – Liberal Studies

4 Year Degree

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You’re curious about everything but still want to be able to dig deeper…

You want it all!

A degree with variety and focus.

The first degree of its kind in Alberta! The Liberal Studies degree has been designed specifically for the 21st century student and job market. Students will gain valuable skills as they build a program focused on their interests.

This is the first degree of its kind in Alberta and it will quickly become one of St. Mary’s most sought-after degrees. It offers real-world training and applications, broad interdisciplinary knowledge and the opportunity to focus on a specific concentration in one of eleven areas such as Drama, Family Studies, Business and Management Studies, Sociology or Science, to name just a few. It’s an exciting and dynamic addition to St. Mary’s suite of degrees.

Students completing the Liberal Studies degree will be able to pursue many career paths including journalism, management, marketing, public relations, human resources, education, social services, research and analysis, government and industry. The degree also provides an excellent foundation for further studies at the graduate level in a number of fields and for professional programs including law.

This program allows students the maximum flexibility to discover and pursue their interests while completing a four-year (120 credit) degree. Students learn how to tackle contemporary issues through interdisciplinary inquiry across the Fine Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences. Students will finish their degree with an innovative and interdisciplinary project.

Young people today are unlikely to have one job for their entire career. Instead they are more likely to pursue a career path that will require the application of job skills in a number of positions. The Liberal Studies degree emphasizes the development of transferable and marketable skills: the ability to think critically and analytically and to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

The Liberal Studies degree offers real-world training and applications, broad interdisciplinary knowledge and the opportunity to focus on a specific concentration in one of eleven areas: Canadian Studies, Catholic Studies, Drama, English, Family Studies, History, Business and Management Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Science Studies and Sociology.

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Admission Requirements

As a high school graduate, you will need to present an average of 65% in five 30-level courses. More information can be found here. Learn More

Career Avenues

  • Journalism
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Education
  • Social Services
  • Research and Analysis
  • Government
  • Communications
  • Environmental Economics

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