Bachelor of Arts – Liberal Studies

4 Year Degree

You’re curious about everything and want a degree that acknowledges that interest in thinking outside the box. With a Liberal Studies degree, you will sift through complex concepts to come up with innovative ideas and ways of seeing the world. As a Liberal Studies scholar, you embrace challenges readily and embody the risk-taking characteristics of future entrepreneurs, game-changers, and dreamers.

By choosing to pursue a degree in Liberal Studies, you will have the flexibility to discover and pursue interests you are passionate about while completing a four-year (120 credit) degree. You will learn how to tackle contemporary issues with a concentration in one of the following: Business and Management, Canadian Studies, Family Studies, Catholic Studies, Drama, English, Philosophy, Biology, Science Studies, History, Psychology, Political Studies and Sociology.

In the last year of the program, you will have the exciting opportunity to produce a creative and innovative project that will showcase the variety of skills you have learned, and that will be useful for future endeavours in academic or employment pursuits.

Join one of the most dynamic and cutting-edge programs at the University. Challenge yourself to find, explore and learn to communicate your passion to others by pursuing a degree that encourages you to sample and engage with multiple areas of interest.

The Liberal Studies degree is the only one of its kind in Alberta, and you have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this emerging field. By embarking on this academic challenge, you will work in a supportive, encouraging and receptive environment with a group of highly-trained and experienced professors who will guide you through your exciting journey.
You are a student who is not satisfied with just one point of view or one area of study for four years. You want to explore how one problem benefits from being addressed from multiple standpoints. You want to create a project that moves beyond the traditional requirements of a capstone project to produce something that can showcase your skills and unique vision for future use in the academic or job market.
There are four core foundation courses that will lay the groundwork for interdisciplinary study, giving you the tools you will need to research and create an original capstone project. Besides these four courses, you can choose from a broad spectrum of courses offered at St. Mary’s with an aim to build a concentration in one of the following eleven areas: Canadian Studies, Catholic Studies, Drama, English, Family Studies, History, Business and Management Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Science Studies and Sociology.
The Liberal Studies degree emphasizes the development of transferable and highly-desirable marketable skills: the ability to think critically and analytically, to engage with a project at all stages, to apply research and survey techniques, and to communicate your findings effectively in writing, and articulately in oral presentations.
A Liberal Studies degree gives you the background you need to knock on multiple doors in the public, private, and academic workplaces by showcasing your unique understanding of how multiple disciplines can converge and work together successfully. The ability to work in environments foregrounds highly-sought after skills in the job market, such as the ability to adapt easily to new challenges, and think through problems critically by looking at them from different perspectives.

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Admission Requirements

As a high school graduate, you will need to present an average of 65% in five 30-level courses. More information can be found here. Learn More

Career Avenues

  • Journalism
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Education
  • Social Services
  • Research and Analysis
  • Government
  • Communications
  • Environmental Economics

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