International students will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must apply online at International students must pay a $275 (Cdn) international non-refundable student application fee; provide all original transcripts and/or documentation from previous educational institutions including exact translations from a qualified translator if the documentation is not already in English; and present English language proficiency.

Obtaining a visa to study in Canada is the sole responsibility of the student. This must be obtained before commencing studies at St. Mary’s University. For more information on obtaining a Canadian student visa, visit

*Attention prospective international students: be aware of ADMISSION SCAMS

Commercialization and Fraud in International Student Recruitment has become a serious and growing issue. Please note that St. Mary’s University (StMU) is currently working with ONLY two authorized representatives, MSQuare Media Global Marketing and SOS International Group for student recruitment in the countries listed below:

M Square Media SOS International Group


Asia: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri-Lanka, Vietnam
Africa: Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Senegal
Middle East: Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey
Also: Indonesia


Asia: South Korea and Japan
Latin America: Brazil

St. Mary’s University’s agent representatives are familiar with our programs and they support our learning philosophy. Agents offer a range of services, including language assessments, application guidance, liaising with StMU staff, and advice on accommodation arrangements, among others.

If you are a prospective student from the countries above, only get in contact with MSquare Media for inquiries on admissions at: or SOS International Group at: Any other individual offering admissions to StMU is not an authorized representative of our institution.

English is the principal language of instruction at St. Mary’s University. To ensure that students have the best opportunity to achieve academic success, all international applicants are required to demonstrate proficiency in English through one of the following:

1. Applicants whose country of origin is outside of Canada or the United States who intend to study in Canada on a study permit (student visa) must normally present one of the following tests of English: (Some countries are considered to be exempt from this policy. Contact the Enrolment Services Office for an up-to-date list.)

  • TOEFL, Test of English as Foreign Language » paper based: 550 (no component score less than 50)
    • computer based: 213 (no component score less than 17)
    • internet based: 80 (no component score less than 19)
  • IELTS – Academic, International English Language Testing System: 6.5 (no individual score less than 6.0)
  • MELAB, Michigan English Language Assessment Battery: 85
  • CAEL, Canadian Academic English Language Assessment: 60
  • PTE – Academic, Pearson Test of English: 59
  • CLB – Canadian Language Benchmarks: Level 8

2. Students who complete EAP 3 with a Grade of B or higher at Bow Valley College meet the language proficiency requirements of St. Mary’s University.

3. Applicants who have studied for three full years in Canada must present 65 per cent in English 30, English Language Arts 30-1 or approved equivalent. The three years must include Alberta Grade 12 or equivalent and may be a combination of secondary and post-secondary education.

4. Applicants who have studied in Canada but for less than three full years must present 65 per cent in English 30, English Language Arts 30-1 or equivalent and a minimum TOEFL CBT score of 213 (or an iBT score of 80). Applicants who achieve 65 per cent or greater in English 30, English Language Arts 30-1 or approved equivalent may be exempt from the TOEFL requirement.

5. International applicants who have resided in Canada and do not meet the previously stated requirements are required to take the English placement test at Chinook Learning Services and provide the Enrolment Services Office with the result. If the Chinook Learning Services placement test indicates the need to take English upgrading, then a score on the upgrade is required before the applicant can be admitted to St. Mary’s University.

Health Care

All international students studying at StMU need to have adequate medical insurance to cover any medical issues or accidents while they are here. A visit to a doctor may cost $40-$60 or more and hospitalization can cost more than $1000 per day. A student who does not have medical insurance will have to pay the entire medical bill for services received.

Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan

If you are a student from outside Canada, you may be eligible for the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) coverage. You will need to apply for AHCIP coverage. Students under 18 years of age must be added to the AHCIP account of a custodian.

  • Students who have a 12 month study permit (valid for an Alberta educational institute) and who will reside in Alberta for 12 months or more are eligible for AHCIP coverage.
  • Students with study permits valid for more than 3 months but less than 12 months, may be eligible for AHCIP coverage if their application is accompanied by a letter from the student confirming their intent to reside in Alberta for at least 12 months.
  • If the application is received within 3 months of entry into Alberta, coverage is effective on the date of either entry into Alberta or the date signed on the study permit, whichever is later.

To enroll in AHCIP, you may mail your application to the address listed on the application form or you may appear in person with your passport and Study Permit to any authorized office. More information / forms

StudentGuard Health Insurance

International students who are not eligible for AHCIP and do not have other private health insurance are eligible to purchase StudentGuard Health Insurance. StudentGuard Insurance covers doctor’s visits, prescriptions and more and is charged on a semester-basis. Services not covered are dental care, eyeglasses or anything pertaining to pre-existing condition. Students with existing medical conditions should:

  • bring a copy (in English) of their medical history,
  • bring an adequate supply of any prescription currently being taken, and
  • bring an extra pair of glasses and/or supply of contact lenses

To register for StudentGuard Health Insurance visit StMU Experiential Learning Coordinator at

Coming to a new school in a new country is an exciting opportunity, but one that comes with some challenges. As part of our campus services, StMU Experiential Learning and Student Services are here to assist you to adjust to your new environment and make your time at StMU a fulfilling experience.

Services for international students include:

  • Buddy program for new international students
  • Orientation to StMU and Canada
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Immigration referrals
  • Student recruitment
  • Cultural events
  • Adapting to the Canadian educational environment
International students require a study permit, which may also allow students to work. International students may be eligible to work on and or off campus during their studies and academic break.
After receiving a work permit, students are required to apply for a Social Insurance Number if they do not already have one.
Recent graduates can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). Students must apply for this permit within 90 days of program completion. This permit will allow students to work in Canada for up to 3 years after graduation.