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Jumpstart your new career in the tech industry with a comprehensive bootcamp on the foundations of modern web development. Students will learn to create full stack web applications using an SQL database, a Java/Spring API, and a React view. Additionally, you will learn the basics of the operations side of DevOps by creating and managing applications using CI/CD pipelines, containerization and Platform as a Service. Graduate with experience in modern development workflows for an agile environment that will have you certified and ready to begin your journey in the web development industry.

A 20-week Certified Agile Full Stack Software Developer Bootcamp designed and presented in six modules. The Bootcamp teaches learners the tools to work in an Agile Full Stack Software Development Team. Technologies covered include but are not limited to Cloud Foundry, Springboot, React, J Unit, Docker, and Cypress.

The bootcamp immerses learners in a DevOps environment where they will develop and deploy applications using tools they set up and configure themselves (with the exception of the class cloud foundry instance.) Learners will model the Agile workflow by using TDD and paired programming to put incremental features out on a live web domain using CI/CD practices and tools. Learners will write code in accordance with code best practices and security principles.

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Next Course: Coming soon!
Location: Suite 810, 505 – 2nd Street SW, Calgary Alberta T2P 1N8
Instructor: Ray Linares, Travis Vela (Please note: Instructors are subject to change)
Cost + GST: Total: $13,500 (Includes a new Macbook)
CodeBound scholarships and payment plans are available.

Materials fee, if any: NONE
Contact email/person for Info: Leslie Barron, CodeBound : appddiction_studio@stmu.ca
Minimum and maximum enrollment: Minimum 5, Maximum 20

Learning Goals

  1. Create a full stack application using standard modern frameworks and version control best practices.
  2. Deploy applications using CI/CD pipelines, PaaS and advanced git workflows while adhering to cloud native best practices.
  3. Apply conceptual models of engineering and design in order to analyze and construct data schema, methods, and web pages.
  4. Create secure normalized SQL databases and apply SQL queries to retrieve customized data sets.
  5. Use multiple automated testing frameworks as well as manual test scripts to provide coverage for a full stack application utilizing test. driven development and various modes of paired programming.
  6. Scan your code for quality, implement security best practices, package their project into a deployable container and adhere to best practices for third party tool integration.
  7. Create and implement additional features to increase program functionality using best practices while following good security and CI/CD principles.


Module 1: Core Web Development
Week 1: HTML and CSS for the creation of web page structure and presentation
Week 2: Programmatic Thinking using JavaScript and creating dynamic web pages
Week 3: Combining JavaScript, CSS, and HTML within the React library to create component based web pages
Week 4: Dynamic Website Project
Week 5: Object-Oriented Models and the Java language
Week 6: Fundamental flow of web development and Java’s Springboot framework
Week 7: Full Stack Project 1

Module 2: DevOps & Cloud Foundry
Week 8: Deploying and managing applications using Cloud Foundry
Week 9: Configuring CI/CD pipelines and advanced git workflows
Week 10: Using containers locally and as orchestrated solutions

Module 3: SQL & Systems Thinking
Week 11: Software engineering thought models, database schemas and page layout planning
Week 12: Writing custom complex SQL queries to a database

Module 4: Test Driven Development & Testing Frameworks
Week 13: Test driven development, paired programming, and other core parts of the modern development work environment
Week 14: Write unit tests for your JavaScript and Java code
Week 15: Journey testing your application end to end
Week 16: Full Stack Project 2, created using TDD. Build real-world projects with professional developers.

Module 5: Third Party Tools & APIs
Week 17: Modern development tools and practices for code quality, deployment, and security. Build real-world projects with professional developers.
Week 18: Deep dive into Spring Security and Token based authentication. Build real-world projects with professional developers.

Module 6: Capstone Project
Week 19 & 20: Work in teams to create a full stack project over a 2-week period mimicking an agile sprint. Build real-world projects with professional developers.

  • Agile Fundamentals (ICP)
  • Agile Programming (ICP-PRG)
  • Agile Testing (ICP-TST)
  • Certificate of Completion from St. Mary’s University
  • High School graduates who want to get into the professional world faster than a 4-year degree.
  • Working professionals looking to add new skills and transition into tech industry work.
  • Members of the armed services transitioning back to civilian work with an interest in tech.
  • Tech industry professionals that want to modernize their web application skills.
High school diploma
CodeBound™ is a Bootcamp training provider that is uniquely positioned to meet the workforce needs by providing comprehensive software development courses culminating in certification in the Agile Framework. CodeBound™ has innovative curriculum designed by subject matter experts who are performing in real-time on large government software development contracts.

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