Education Students’ Association

Education Students' Association

The St. Mary’s University Education Students’ Association (ESA) works in partnership with the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) to bring students of the St. Mary’s University Bachelor of Education Program opportunities for professional development, social events, and support. We believe that having the opportunity for growth contributes to excellent teaching and our goal is to help promote the development of excellent teacher candidates at St. Mary’s University.

To have access to the opportunities provided by the St. Mary’s University Education Students’ Association, student members must pay an annual fee of $10 to the ESA and be registered with the ESA. Some professional development workshops and social events may have extra costs associated with them.

Professional Development

We believe that professional development opportunities help make students excellent teachers. For information about PD workshops that we are looking into, look out below.

Mental Health Workshop
Interested in learning how to help students who may be struggling with mental health issues?
We are too. We are hoping to run a workshop that promotes a realistic view of mental health and enables us, as teachers, to help struggling students as best we can.

Employment Workshop
Would you like tips and tricks to use on the job hunt?
Chat with students from previous years who have been working as teachers and learn what might benefit you when searching, and applying, for jobs.

Executive Team

We are made up of students elected at the end of the previous school year. Our goal is to make sure you feel confident as a teacher and supported as an education student at St. Mary’s University.

Front Row (left to right): Rachel Gregory, Bonnie Blasetti, Ashley Grieve, Jillian Senek; Back Row (left to right): Michael Beattie, Aaron Sumague, Andrea MacLeod, Heather Hesson

  • Jillian Senek – President
  • Andrea MacLeod – Vice-President
  • Aaron Sumague – Treasurer
  • Heather Hesson – Social Committee Officer
  • Ashley Grieve – Professional Development
  • Michael Beattie – Cohort 1 Representative
  • Bonnie Blasetti – Cohort 2 Representative
  • Rachel Gregory – Cohort 3 Representative

Front Row (left to right): Tanis Lefebvre. Christine Merlihan, James Park Back Row (left to right): Mike Porter, Molly Schreiber, Michael Metcalf, Josh Eberly

  • Christine Merlihan – President
  • Mike Porter – Vice President
  • Molly Schreiber – Secretary-Treasurer
  • Michael Metcalf – Professional Development Officer
  • Tanis Lefebvre – Social Committee Officer
  • James Park – Cohort Representative
  • Josh Eberly – Cohort Representative


If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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