Edmee Comstock

Edmee Comstock

Elder on Campus

Edmee is the youngest of 17 children from one of the most important historical families of the Red River Settlement. Her great grandfather was John Bruce (Jean-Baptiste Bruce), the first president of the Métis Provisional Government at the Red River Colony. Louis Riel was his secretary.

Edmee considers herself blessed to be raised in a traditional Métis family with a strong work ethic and sense of community, spirituality and belonging. In the early 1900’s, while others were hiding their culture, her father taught them to be proud of their heritage. This is a legacy she carries on today through her generous sharing of her cultural teachings, Michif language and history through various educational outreach programs for youth and families.

Edmee’s calm, reflective and welcoming spirit urges everyone to forgive and march on, to not hurt anyone and to always help others. Wearing her Métis sash with great pride, she is now a well respected elder and a beloved representative of the Bruce clan of the Red River Colony.

In 2012, Edmee was the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal for her work in the community.

Edmee is involved in St. Mary’s University culture and events.  He is on campus once a month or more to meet with any students, faculty or staff who would like to meet one on one with her.  Contact Michelle Scott, Director of Indigenous Initiatives to find out more or to book an appointment with Edmee. Michelle.scott@stmu.ca