Sarah J. Twomey

Dr. Sarah J. Twomey

Professor and Dean of Education

Phone: (403) 254-3122
Office: M104

PhD Language and Literacy Education, University of British Columbia, 2007
Masters of Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Queen’s University, 2000
Bachelor of Education, Junior/Intermediate, Queen’s University, 1988
Bachelor of Arts, Theatre, Queen’s University, 1987

Specialization/research interests: Cultural Literacy; Teacher Learning; Leadership Development

As an interdisciplinary literacy educator, I have critically examined a wide range of semiotic practices to understand how literacy contexts are socially and culturally constructed. The premise of my research is to understand how literacy acts of social and cultural practice can be deconstructed to challenge and transform the binaries of difference that often lead to practices and mindsets in our educational systems that impact the achievement and success of students and teachers.

It is a privilege to return to Canada in service to an outstanding Education program at St. Mary’s University. I am excited about the growth of the program and the unique and important contribution St. Mary’s will continue to have on Catholic and public education in Alberta.

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