Clubs at St. Mary’s

STMU Campus Portraits. Photo Credit: Sergei Belski

Photo Credit: Sergei Belski

St. Mary’s University’s Student Legislative Council (SLC) has a series of clubs for students to join and encourages students to make their own clubs each year. The SLC sees clubs as an important aspect of campus life at St. Mary’s and as a way to make new friends who share similar interests.

“I would encourage all students to get involved and come check out the clubs since university can be an intimidating place for students at first. Joining a club allows for students to meet new people and make new friends on campus you might not have otherwise.” – SLC’s Vice-President Internal, Amanda Butler

If you would like to join a club or create your own, please contact SLC’s Vice President Internal at

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St. Mary’s Psychology Association

Our mission is to connect St.Mary’s students, staff, and faculty to the exhilarating world of Psychology! That’s right, anyone can join! We wish to further psychology by inspiring and encouraging others on and off campus. To do this we will bring events, networking, and fundraising opportunities to the students on and off campus.

For future events and initiatives you can follow us on Facebook @StMUPsycAssociation or  e-mail us at

Students 4 Social Justice

Students 4 Social Justice is a club for people passionate about raising awareness of social justice issues regarding the dignity of human persons, stewardship of the earth, protection, and advocacy of human rights. The focus of this club is volunteering with Inn From the Cold and helping people from different lands and those within Calgary. Students 4 Social Justice is a part of the Social Justice Committee at St. Mary’s and is one of St. Mary’s most reported clubs, working closely with Campus Ministry.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

The Dungeons and Dragons club is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members and people wanting to join. We strive for this with great determination and inclusivity towards one another. We invite anyone wanting to play or learn to come join us in room D105 in the SA building basement and someone will always be in the room to be able to greet you.

Join the D&D club. We meet everyday in room D105, basement of the SA building!