Clubs at St. Mary’s

STMU Campus Portraits. Photo Credit: Sergei Belski

Photo Credit: Sergei Belski

St. Mary’s University’s Student Legislative Council (SLC) has a series of clubs for students to join and encourages students to make their own clubs each year. The SLC sees clubs as an important aspect of campus life at St. Mary’s and as a way to make new friends who share similar interests.

“I would encourage all students to get involved and come check out the clubs since university can be an intimidating place for students at first. Joining a club allows for students to meet new people and make new friends on campus you might not have otherwise.” – SLC’s Vice-President Internal, Amanda Butler

If you would like to join a club or create your own, please contact SLC’s Vice President Internal at

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Board Games Club

Board Games Club is all about having fun and taking a break from the stresses of the semester. Meeting bi-weekly, the Board Games Club encourages members and non-members to stop by for an afternoon of board games, card games and every other game imaginable! Have a game you made? Well the Board Games Club is the place to try it!

The Ed Society

The Ed Society is for students with a passion and interest in teaching. Members are past, current and future students in the Education Program. This club meets based on members’ availability and promotes a community of St. Mary’s educators. The community supports one another in learning, growing and wellness while providing each other resources to further their goals as teachers.

Friends of Humanities 101

Hum 101 Check PresentationFriends of Humanities 101 raises money through fundraising to help support the Humanities 101 program. The goal of this club is to connect the students of St. Mary’s University and the community to the program.

The Historical Society

2012 Historical SocietyThe Historical Society is a club dedicated to discovering and discussing history close to home and globally. By inviting the school and community to join, The Historical Society hosts events and meetings hoping to share their interest with those around them. The Historical Society has been a club for fifteen years and works closely with the History department at St. Mary’s University.

Literary Guild

The Literary Guild is one of St. Mary’s longest standing clubs. Students who share a passion and interest in literature, writing and creativity come together weekly. This collaborative club works on expanding each members creativity in their writing, music or other mediums of interest. Members work together to share their work with the greater student body. The Literary Guild works with St. Mary’s University’s Writer in Residence Eugene Stickland.

The Happiness Club

The Happiness Club spreads smiles and positivity around campus through acts of kindness and fun activities for students, faculty and staff. During last semester the Happiness Club and the Science Club partnered up and carved as well as exploded pumpkins for free with students on campus. This club also has a positivity bulletin board in the classroom building to promote happiness and well-being on campus.

The Science Club

STMU Campus Portraits. Mandatory Credit: Sergei Belski

Photo Credit: Sergei Belski

The Science Club gets together with its members to look at and critically think about the environment and ecosystems surrounding us. They look at scientific concepts through the use of experiments.

The Psychology Association

The Psychology Association supports and inspires students interested in the field of psychology by providing resources and opportunities to make the most of their time at St. Mary’s University. They explore contemporary topics in psychology as well as inspire and create networking opportunities through different activities.

Students 4 Social Justice

Students 4 Social Justice is a club for people passionate about raising awareness of social justice issues regarding the dignity of human persons, stewardship of the earth, protection, and advocacy of human rights. The focus of this club is volunteering with Inn From the Cold and helping people from different lands and those within Calgary. Students 4 Social Justice is a part of the Social Justice Committee at St. Mary’s and is one of St. Mary’s most reported clubs, working closely with Campus Ministry.

D&D Club

The D&D club’s quest is to provide a relief from classes and a stressful semester. We meet at 4 times a week to play the worlds greatest fantasy role playing game. The Club meets in the basement of the Student Association building(D105) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. We welcome all no matter how much experience you my have, our Dungeon Masters love teaching new players how the game works.

StMU Drama Club

The STMU Drama Club would like to cater relief from the stress of school, and promote artistic, imaginative, and physical growth in various ways outside of the standard Drama classroom. We often play board games,interactive social verbal games, meet and talk about our respective roles and plays, along with attending organized theater / movie outings. We meet once a week (Times to be Arranged). We prefer students involved in Drama at St.Mary’s University to join but we are open to all who come with peace, non-judgmental mindsets, and lots of energy looking for fun.

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