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Wouldn’t it be great to enhance your academic writing skills? You can book one-on-one 30 minute appointments with a Peer-Writer and receive immediate feedback. The Peer-Writers are fellow students nominated by your professors.

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Writing Centre Labs

In the lab, you can receive support from a St. Mary’s University faculty member in the following areas: Documentation and formatting, General assignment writing concerns, General writing skills, Assignment cogency review, and Understanding assignment instructions.

Writing Centre Labs are open to all disciplines. Dates are to be determined.

Assignment stress? Writing concerns? Need some feedback on your writing?

Attend the CLASS Writing Centre Labs to receive support from a St. Mary’s University faculty member in the following areas:

  1. Documentation and formatting
  2. General assignment writing concerns
  3. General writing skills
  4. Assignment cogency
  5. Understanding assignment instructions

For assignment review, make sure to bring a copy of the assignment instructions with you along with a draft of your assignment. For questions concerning formatting and documentation, bring your Little Seagull Handbook. Writing Centre Labs are drop-in only—no appointment necessary. Labs are open to any discipline.

For more information, please contact us by email: class@stmu.ca

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CLASS is a welcoming place where you can study, use the computers, meet with a peer-mentor and enhance your academic writing and course content comprehension. You can also discuss with our staff any academic issues such as note taking, time management, essay writing or any other school-related questions! If you have any questions, please view the FAQ by clicking here.

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