March 3rd early admission deadline has passed. Applications are now being accepted for the waitlist.

Bachelor of Education (Elementary)

Our Story
Program Goals

The two-year, after degree Bachelor of Education (Elementary) degree program at St. Mary’s University is designed to prepare teachers to teach at the primary and elementary levels (K-6) in Alberta schools.

The degree is designed to provide an intensive orientation to and mastery of the knowledge, skills and attributes essential for those who would teach in the primary/elementary, K-6 programs administered by authorized school authorities in Alberta and beyond, with particular reference to the unique environment of the Catholic school system in Alberta. Catholic School Districts/Divisions seek teachers who can articulate what it means to be Catholic and who are able to integrate their faith and culture in an all-inclusive community. The degree program is structured to achieve that objective.

Instruction is delivered by a combination of core education faculty members and experienced field practitioners who have attained advanced academic training in the field of educational studies combined with extensive experience as teachers in Canadian schools.

Admission Requirements Students entering this program will have:

  • completed a St. Mary’s University Bachelor of Arts degree, or an equivalent 3- or 4-year baccalaureate degree from a recognized university or college with an equally strong liberal arts component. This may include courses in the following areas: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, human kinetics, interdisciplinary studies and science
  • an admission grade point average of at least 2.5 (on St. Mary’s 4-point scale) or equivalent on the most recently attempted 30 credits

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 Program Philosophy

Welcome to St. Mary’s Bachelor of Education program!

Whether you are a future or present student teacher, an alumni graduate or a supporter of our program, you will already know that St. Mary’s is quickly becoming recognized as one of the fastest growing Bachelor of Education programs in Alberta and beyond to prepare teachers today for tomorrow’s students!

Teachers exert a significant influence on children. Although we present a Catholic perspective on education, we are open to everyone interested in education. St. Mary’s BEd faculty and staff are dedicated and highly competent to inspire our student teachers with the best experience and preparation for current educational settings.

Our student graduates are provided with the linkages and transformation of theory to extensive practicum experiences in various school settings.  They observe modelling of team teaching and staff collaboration in cohort settings and quickly recognize current best practices to meet diverse needs and engage all students.

Finally, the success of our program is based on close working relationships with all of our school districts, stakeholders and members of the community.

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St. Mary’s University is a dynamic, welcoming teaching and research institution. We offer fully accredited, affordable and rigorous degrees that are recognized the world over. As we move into our 30th year, we invite you to take this journey with us. We hope that your adventure will be an amazing one, and that you will remain connected to St. Mary’s for a lifetime.

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The Application Process

The admissions process includes an analysis of all preceding academic accomplishments, a comprehensive written statement regarding a philosophy of education, a demonstrated commitment to the vocation/profession of education and an intensive interview process.

Career options with a Bachelor of Education Degree

Although a Bachelor’s of Education degree prepares a graduate for a variety of professional contexts, graduates of the Bachelor of Education (Elementary) degree program will be prepared to teach in a K-6 program in any school, public or private, faith-based or secular. Upon completion of St. Mary’s Bachelor of Education degree, graduates will be eligible to apply for Interim Professional Teaching Certificates from Alberta Education.

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee (non-refundable)

Application Fee: $100
International Student Application Fee: $275
Application for Re-Admission: $50

Admission Confirmation Deposit (non-refundable)

Admission Confirmation Deposit: $200

Domestic Students

Fee Per Term Annual Cost
Tuition $4,620.00 $9,240.00
Athletics/Campus Recreation Fee $100.00 $200.00
Computer Resources Fee $70.00 $140.00
Students’ Association Fee $45.00 $90.00
U-Pass $130.00 $260.00
Total $4,965.00 $9,930.00

International Students

Fee Per Term Annual Cost
Tuition $9,240.00 $18,480.00
Athletics/Campus Recreation Fee $100.00 $200.00
Computer Resources Fee $70.00 $140.00
Students’ Association Fee $45.00 $90.00
U-Pass $130.00 $260.00
Total $9,585.00 $19,170.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be Catholic to be admitted to the BEd program?

Applicants are not required to be Catholic for consideration for admission. However, while the graduates of the BEd degree program will be prepared to teach in a K-6 program in any school, public or private, faith-based or secular, the program is particularly focused on preparing teachers to teach in Catholic schools in Alberta and beyond.

What is the length of the program?

The BEd program is a two-year program after the completion of your first degree.

How many classes do you admit per year?

We have one intake of students per year in September. We do not admit a class in January.

Can I do the program part time?

Applicants are expected to participate on a full-time basis; applicants are not accepted on a part-time basis.

How do I apply and what is the deadline?

Apply to the BEd program through ApplyAlberta, a provincial online application system. During the application process, you will be instructed on how to provide the supporting documents required to apply to this program.

How are applicants reviewed for the BEd program?

During the review process, applicants are initially evaluated in four areas: academic records, life experiences and community involvement, letters of reference and a type-written essay. Based on the above criteria, applicants will be short listed for the next stage of the process where interviews are required.

I am not finished my first degree yet. Can I still apply to the BEd program?

You may apply to the program. It is your responsibility to ensure that your final transcript is received by Enrolment Services by the deadline for submission of transcripts. (Note: St. Mary’s students need not submit St. Mary’s transcripts).

Where will I be placed for practicum?

St. Mary’s University  will plan, deliver and carefully supervise all of the practicum courses in close cooperation with various school districts in southern Alberta and beyond. These school districts are eager to provide meaningful practicum placements for students enrolled in the BEd degree program.

I am a mature student who has been working for several years and I no longer know any of my professors. Will my application be considered?

Yes, it will. You must meet the basic requirements and the academic requirements for the program. Your experience in the work field will be considered when the committee reviews your application and reference form. However, one of your references must be from someone who can attest to your academic ability.

Meet our Professors!

Dr. Trent Davis

Education Professor Dr. Trent Davis believes that teacher preparation has a direct impact on the quality of our shared democratic life.

Associate Professor, Education


Dr. Cory Wright-Maley

Education professor Cory Wright-Maley thought that if he wanted K-12 students to be more engaged that he should probably help out in training teachers to be more engaging.

Assistant Professor, Education


Dr. Laurie Hill

Dr. Laurie Hill is from Ontario and worked as an elementary school teacher there for more than 15 years before beginning a Ph.D. program at the University of Calgary. Her doctoral research examined the transition experiences of first-year university students.

Assistant Professor, Education


Dr. Paolina Seitz

Paolina Seitz is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at St. Mary’s University. She completed her Ph.D. at the University of Alberta in the Department of Educational Psychology. Her research interests lie in the area of curriculum alignment, student assessment, cognition, and effective leadership in school administration.

Assistant Professor, Education