Bachelor of Arts – English

3 and 4 Year Degrees

Both our three-year and four-year Bachelor of Arts Degrees in English offer students a rich and broad understanding of literature: its writers and audiences, its pleasures and problems, its traditions and its transformations. In our small classes, you’ll have the opportunity to exchange ideas in a comfortable, intimate academic atmosphere. A degree in English will help you to use your language precisely and elegantly, both orally and in writing. The written word will become clearer to you as you practice responding confidently and analytically to the writers who have shaped the English language and Western culture.

With a three-year Bachelor of Arts degree, you can apply to enter St. Mary’s two-year Bachelor of Education degree program, emerging as a fully-qualified (Elementary or Secondary) teacher. Our four-year Bachelor of Arts degree program in English will prepare you for graduate studies in English, or for a wide choice of careers such as research, politics, publishing, education, public relations and more. Four-year majors in English may pursue minors in biology, Canadian studies, Catholic studies, drama, family studies, history, management, philosophy, political science, psychology, science or sociology.

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You’ll have the attention of excellent English professors who want to expose you to great texts in innovative ways. Academic freedom and intellectual curiosity inspire them to gather with you in small classes and exchange bold ideas on literature, community, and culture. In a comfortable setting, they’ll work with you to improve your spoken and written communication and deepen your love of reading.
We want you because you love to read or perhaps you don’t yet, but you’re a talker, a listener, and an exchanger of ideas. You’re in the middle of a media revolution, but you’re the one who wants to know how to read text in all of its forms and make sense of it for everyone else. An English degree is for you, then, because you finally get the chance to study what intrigues you, what fires you up, what pushes you to want to know more and more and circulate your ever developing ideas in constructive and inspirational ways.
You will choose from a range of engaging and challenging courses on Shakespeare, slave narratives, Arthurian legends, trauma writing, Victorian literature, Canadian novels, time travel fiction, popular culture, and more!
You will develop the skills to write persuasively, think critically and creatively, analyze and interpret complex ideas, present your ideas in dynamic and engaging ways.
Since English majors develop highly transferable and in-demand skills, they often find work in a range of professions: communications, marketing, public relations, politics, research, technical writing, and more. Many English students go on to further studies in Education or Law. An English degree is an asset in any career that requires effective communication and creative thinking.
Bachelor of Arts – English

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St. Mary’s University is a dynamic, welcoming teaching and research institution. We offer fully accredited, affordable and rigorous degrees that are recognized the world over. We hope that your adventure will be an amazing one, and that you will remain connected to St. Mary’s for a lifetime.

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Admission Requirements

As a high school graduate, you will need to present an average of 65% in five 30-level courses. More information can be found here. Learn More

Further Education Avenues

  • Journalism
  • Research
  • Politics
  • Publishing
  • Editing
  • Education
  • Fundraising
  • Government Service
  • Advertising/Public Relations
  • Business
  • Non-profit Organisations
  • Office Administration
  • Records Management
  • Social Media
  • Technical Writing

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Meet our Professors!

Dr. Luke Bresky

Dr. Luke Bresky

Dr. Luke Bresky says St. Mary’s is the perfect place to share his passion for literature with equally passionate students.

Associate Professor, English

Dr. Jocelyn Williams

Dr. Jocelyn Williams

I’m Dr. Williams and although I’m formal in name, you’ll find me open and warm in class. I love teaching you literature and that passion shows through in my always energetic lectures and often hilarious class discussions.

Associate Professor, English

Dr. Jennifer Garrison

Dr. Jennifer Garrison

I am passionate about teaching medieval and early modern literature. I love working with students to understand ways of thinking that are strange, unsettling, and sometimes uncannily similar to our own.

Associate Professor, English