Thomas Snow

Thomas Snow

Academic Coach

A young First Nations community leader from Morley, Alberta, Thomas Snow has been connecting and building relationships with a variety of Indigenous and non-Indigenous agencies, groups, organizations and community members within Calgary and its surrounding communities for a number of years.

Fluent in the language of the Nakoda Sioux, Snow is the youngest university graduate from the Stoney Nakoda Nation and has been at the forefront of developing effective and impactful curriculum, services and programs both on reserve and off reserve while excelling at helping staff and managers from different departments to better understand community needs and protocols when working within First Nations communities.

Snow is the holder of three eagle feathers from the Stoney Nakoda Nation as his accreditations, as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Calgary and a Commendation and Medal of Bravery from the Calgary Fire Department.

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